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Resources for System Administrators

The VCS Workforce Management Platform can easily help you modify work schedules and rotations, providing appropriate staffing levels when you need them most.

Create, Manage, and Monitor

  • Create Schedule Details for your department’s COVID-19-related events (ex: Testing Center Patrol, Traffic Direction, Security Detail) and equipment (ex: Traffic Cones, Personal Protective Equipment), then display those details on your dashboard.
  • Assign employees to COVID-19-related jobs and events created in Schedule Details. Use our NEW Schedule Details Report Tile on your dashboard to quickly view assignments, work times, locations, and days with multiple or concurrent details.
  • Simply assign employees to newly created details from one screen by right clicking their entries on the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Schedule.
  • Quickly deploy new schedule rotations for staff. Create or update existing rotations en masse to reflect temporary schedule changes as a result of COVID-19-related special events and quickly add employees to those rotations.

NEW! Alert and Inform

  • Send your employees imperative information quickly by adding attachments to your broadcast messages. This new addition your web portal platform allows you to include attachments of numerous file formats (images, Microsoft Word documents, PDF's and more) to broadcast emails and text messages sent to your staff. Learn more about this feature in the downloadable COVID-19 Tracking Guide above.

Track and Report

  • Create new Overtime Codes to cover payment for COVID-19-related assignments and events and seamlessly incorporate them into your existing reports.
  • Create new and update existing Day Off Reason Codes for COVID-19-related leave or absences. These will sync directly with your Time off Activity Report.
  • Use the Schedule Details Assignment Report to download assignments, hours, and locations of your COVID-19 officer assignments that may be needed for fiscal and incidental reporting.


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